Monday, September 19, 2011

Creativity Manifests Itself...

One of my favorite things about creativity is that it works for anyone.  Once you open your imagination, ideas start to flow.  It's fun and exciting.

And, it makes me so happy that my children are creative and imaginative.  I hope that I can nurture that in them.  The other day, I was given a fantastic example of how creativity can flow differently and uniquely in each person.

Remember page 2 of my quiet book?  The fabric chain?

Do you remember how I said, "This one took some time for my girls to figure out.  They were more interested in making the strips bracelets or using the Velcro to attach the strops together to form necklaces or headbands or crowns"?

It's ok if you don't remember me saying that.  You can just trust me on this.'s something I never would have thought of.
She called me in from the kitchen to show me what she had done.

"I'm a princess, Mama!"

"See my beautiful princess hair?"

And, as the graceful and beautiful princess she is, she taught her sister the secret of her beauty.

May she always be creative.

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