Thursday, February 27, 2014

Etched Glass

Have you ever etched glass?  No!  Have you ever wanted to learn how?! Oh, yes!!!!!!
It is so easy.  You will be wondering why you didn't join the etched glass bandwagon sooner!
Start with a piece of glass.
Any form will do.
Except for one with sharp edges.  That could get dangerous.
And probably you should make sure it is clean.
Pick a design...or some words...maybe a pretty little picture...and create a stencil.
I used my Silhouette and some contact paper.
The shape of my little vase made it a little tricky with the curve of the glass and all, but I managed.
Stick your stencil to the glass (this is where it helps to have an actually sticky stencil and not something you would have to hold in place).  Make sure it is good and stuck and that the edges are smooth with no bubbles or possible points of etching cream leakage.
Once it is etched, it is etched for good! 
Place the cream.  I used an old paintbrush to dab it on and I tried to be pretty generous.
It's pretty cool to watch actually.  The little glass munchers in that cream will seem to pull themselves away from the stencil and onto the glass.
munch, munch, munch
You really don't have to wait for long.  Everything I read said it only takes a couple minutes.  I waited about 20...just to be safe.
And because I was playing.

Then take your glass over to the sink and run it under the water.
Simple as that!
You can even rub it off with your fingers.  In fact, you kind of have to.
Try not to freak out (like I did) because it might kind of look like the glass hasn't been etched...
But it has!
Have fun!
P.S. Be aware, however, that if your glass is Pyrex, it probably won't work.  That stuff is tough!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Moments: Mommy pictures

Sharing the little moments that make my life beautiful!

"The joy in motherhood comes in moments.  There will be hard times and frustrating times.  But amid the challenge, there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction."  
--Elder M. Russell Ballard

I don't have a lot of pictures of myself.  The pictures I take are most often of my kids or a project.  Sometimes I get the Mister in a picture and sometimes I get one of us together, but very rarely is there just a picture of me.

I'd like to remedy that.  I want my kids to look through old pictures and see me growing and changing with them.

The following pictures were not taken with the intention of posting them here, but once I looked at them they made me so happy that I had to share!

I was folding the laundry that was piled high on my bed.  My little man, W (who, by the way, is now a very busy 18-month-old toddler), was playing on the bed and I pulled out my camera to capture his sweetness.

But, he didn't want to be in front of the camera.  He was much more interested in what was happening on the back of the camera.  So, I pointed the camera at myself and took some pictures of myself for him to see.

He giggled and clapped and smiled for each new pose.  Some of them, he even mimicked and then laughed some more.  

It was a fun and playful moment.

What really struck me when I was looking back at the pictures was that the simple thing bringing him so much joy was me.  It wasn't the magic of the camera, it was the joy of looking at my face!  

He was seeing a face that loves him.  Every day.  Every second.  No matter what.  
A face that takes time away from the mundane laundry to play with him.

I am his mother and something about these pictures reflects how special and powerful that opportunity is.  I will watch him grow up.  No, more than that, I will be beside him as he grows and he fails and tries again and succeeds.  I will teach him love.  I will teach him strength.  I will teach him kindness and joy.

I will struggle.  I will get frustrated some days and I will fall short many times.  But, I will always be there for him and his sisters.  And, they will always be my joy.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Dear Blog:

I've missed you.  Let's get back together.

Love, Sarah

Felt Hearts...and a duck

"Be like a duck.  Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath."
--Michael Caine

Imagine if you will...

The big Valentine's party is tomorrow.  O has worked hard all day signing cards for her friends.  

"Let's do something special for my teacher, Mommy!"


But then I got distracted by my much too busy day and suddenly I was kissing her goodnight.

"Oh no, Mama!  I forgot my teacher's present!  Can you still make something?"

What else could I say but yes?  

"Oh, and, Mama?  Can you fix my duckie's leg too?"

So...I gathered my tools--my felt, my thread, a needle, a little Dr. Who--and settled in for the evening.

First thing first, let's fix that beloved duckie's little leg.


Oooooooo!  Cookies!

Now, get inspired.  

I pinned these pretty little felt hearts ages ago.  I love them!

You can head over here to FeltSewGood for a very nice little tutorial. 

I mainly used the picture for inspiration and made them my own.
Simple and beautiful...happy.

"Duck love is recognizable in any language." --Edmond Manning, King Perry

Happy Valentine's Day!

Linking up!