Monday, September 12, 2011

A Good Book

I have been something of a slacker this week when it comes to housework and crafting.  

I've been a bit distracted.
I've been reading this:
Which is, by the way, a fantastic book.  It has a good story to tell and left me feeling a need to be a better person in many ways I didn't expect.  

I did, however, feel a little bit of mom guilt for letting so much slide while I read my book.  

That is, until I walked into the living room and saw this:
Yeah, amid the clutter and the unfolded laundry, my girls pulled out their books and spent time reading, 

 Looking at pictures...

Imagining life as a princess... 
Exercising their minds.

It occurred to me that being creative doesn't mean just crafting.

Being a good mom doesn't mean just cleaning and feeding and meeting basic needs.

Being creative can come in the form of expanding your perspective, escaping to new places through intricate stories.  It means playing with kids, reading them books, teaching them to love learning and means an endless amount of imaginative and fun things!

How exciting!!!!

So, I feel justified in my love of reading and in taking an occasional week out of my life to immerse myself in a book.  And, I hope you will patiently excuse me during those weeks if the blogging slows a bit.  

I'm just letting my creativity refresh a bit.

P.S.  I feel that this would be a good place to tell those of you who share my love of reading and, perhaps, my sister's love of writing to head over to her blog, WriterBrained.  Jeigh is writing a novel and has started a blog to share what she is learning in the process.  It is entertaining and educational and I think her book is amazing!  (Yeah, you heard that, I've read it.)  She is what I like to call my book pusher; if she says a book is good, she is right.  So, head on over there, give her some love and a hug from me, and enjoy!

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