Friday, September 2, 2011

3 for Thursday!!!

Yay!  Three for Thursday has returned.  And that means, two posts in one day!  (woohoo!)

The questions come from my good friend, Evelyn, whom I had the great fortune of seeing (face to face!) and enjoying a very pleasant chat with a couple of weeks ago, is hosting today.

So, on to fun!

Three accomplishments that I have under my belt.

1.  I graduated college.  This has been one of the greatest blessings in my life so far.  It was the foundation that allowed me to develop a career in which I can work at home, taking care of my kids and supporting the Mister through his college career.
2.  I spent every summer for 10 years performing in community musicals, even managing to get a couple parts with names!  This is something I dreamed about doing as a child and dream of doing again.  I love, love, love to be on stage singing and dancing.
3.  One marriage, two kids, just getting started.

Three things that my grandma and I have in common:

1.  Crochet.  I used to watch her sit and crochet and wish that I could make pretty things like that.  So, I figured out how and now when ever I pull out my yarn and needles I feel close to her.
2.  Food.  One of the ways my grandma showed her love for her family and friends was to cook for them.  Every time I would go to her house she would ask if I was hungry as she was pulling food out of the fridge.  Then, she'd feed me a delicious dinner and send me home with leftovers.  
3.  Spoonerisms.  She was a master at mixing up words.  I'm still perfecting the craft, but I'm getting pretty good at it.  

Three plans for Labor Day:

1.  Maybe a picnic.
2.  Rest.
3.  Unpack.

Three ridiculous things I have spent money on:

1.  I bought something called Honey Elixir for my girls a few weeks ago.  I bought it because it was made to help kids under 6 with sore throats and coughs.  Turns out it was basically just honey thinned down with water.  I could have made that much cheaper than I bought it for.  
2.  Doughnuts the other day.  There were no chocolate ones in the batch.  What's the point?
3.  I honestly can't think of anything else.  I'm sure there is something, though, and I'll be sure to tell you when I think of something.

Three things that only time will fix:

1.  School.  Mister has 2 more years to graduation.  It's kinda tough, but we will get through this and be all the better for it.
2.  No nap days.  Sometimes they happen, but the next day is always a good chance for kids to sleep a lot.
3.  Winter.  I'm not really a fan of the super cold days.  (I do, however, like the Christmas part of winter and the initial two months of snow and soup nights.  Once Christmas is over, though, Winter is just cold.)  Spring always rolls back around.

Three pictures:

There were two of them eating the grass in my front lawn!  So cute!

L on my birthday.  Sorry about the snotty nose, but she's still soooooo cute!

O and L have discovered my makeup and have been spending many mornings "applying" it to each other.  Fortunately for me, they have stuck to just pretending and replace it all when they are done.  They're so good!

Thanks, Evelyn!

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