Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Putting Pinterest to Good Use

Have I mentioned that I love Pinterest?  (send me an e-mail if you want an invite!)

It stems from my love of lists..and my love of planning.  For years and years I have collected ideas and planned on doing them only to be left with a pile of ideas that I plan to do someday.

That is a part of the reason I started this blog: To give myself an excuse some motivation to finish those long anticipated projects.  

I also have been so inspired by all the craft blogs in this great blog world and this is a place to test out those tutorials I have been adding to my pile of projects to be done.  It is time for me to start my tutorial testing and my Pinterest planning.

So, at least once a week (that's the plan, anyway) I will work through at least one planned Pinterest project or one waiting to be done tutorial.*  

It's going to be so fun!

So, here's where I started.

This cake has been all over Pinterest.  It links back to the blog Made in Melissa's Kitchen.  

When I saw this, oh....I knew I was looking at my next birthday cake.  It is cake, surrounded by Kit Kats (one of my favorites for years!), and topped with M&Ms.  Seriously, could it be any better?

I made it on Sunday.  

Here is my result: 
Underneath it is a chocolate cake (of course)...

I used peanut M&Ms (because they're my favorite).

It was a hit!  It is as easy as the tutorial says it will be and so delicious....soooooooo rich (lots and lots of chocolate!).  

And here's my niece 
With the cake.

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Christy said...

This is so right up my alley! Yumm!

Anonymous said...

Yum! Good for you for making things you find on pinterest. My list is steadily growing. This cake looks delicious.

Lolly Jane said...

She looks so happy- what a nice aunt to share ;) lol

Toaster4JC said...

Looks delicious!

Seaweed and Raine said...

You're making me hungry!!! Mmmmm M&M's...

Jess@Balancing The Dream said...

WOW!! i want this right now!!!

Rose and Heather said...

We love Pintrest too. It is so easy to get cot up in all the ideas out there. But this one was worth doing. It looks wonderful. thanks for linking up at Crafty Lassie Tuesday
Rose and Heather

A Country Mix said...

Mmmmm! That looks so good!

Jimmy said...

Would gladly visit the dentist after something like this. Twice. :)

call Bangladesh

S x said...

Great idea! I think this would work with lots of other chocolate bars and treats - I am always looking for good ideas for edging chocolate cakes instead of my usual Cadbury's flake bars so thanks!

Amy Bowman said...

You are most clicked on "Flexible Posts" @ Anti-Procrastination Tuesday and are featured this week. Thanks for linking up at New Nostalgia!

raising4princesses said...

You were the most clicked on I featured you this week on my Link party! Hope to see you there again! Maria

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Awesome!! Thanks for linking up to Things I've Done Thursday! Hope you'll join in again this week!