Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Little Bit o' Business

Hi Friends! 

Just a couple of things:  First, my friend, Fabi, over at Mrs. Sassy Crafter needs some help.  She is a fantastic card maker and has a surplus of cards that she wants to take to the Ronald McDonald house in her area so that they can pass the cards on to people who need a little bit of happiness in their days.  Her idea and hope is to be able to bring them a box overflowing with cards and she has put out a call for cards. 

Now, I'm not really a cardmaker...I never could find the inspiration.  But, there are a lot of examples out there to draw from and this is a really good cause to challenge myself for.  So, I'm going to try to pop out a few.  If you would like to, I'm sure she would love whatever you and I can give.

Cards of any sort and any theme will do, but they need to include an envelope.  She is hoping take them in on October 24th, so that gives about 3 weeks.

As an added incentive, she has put together a mystery box for the person who sends her the most cards!  Ooo!  Maybe you'll win.  She gives good prizes!  Head on over to her site and the link here for all the information.

Now, secondly, did you see my new header?  =)  Yeah, I really, really like it.  It is the masterful work of my brother.  He also designed my sweet little button, which I would love for you to grab and share if you are so inclined.  My brother, Michael, is a very talented graphic designer.  If you would like to see his work or if you might have a job for him, I have a link to his page at the bottom or right here:

Ok.  That's all for tonight!  Have a happy day!


Luanne Hardy said...

Your header turned out so cute! That brother of yours must be a super hot guy in order to do something like that. Good luck with your card making!

Mrs. Sassy Crafter (Fabi) said...

Thanks so much Sarah! I'm taking your button now to put on my blog =0)

Jeigh said...

WAY cute header! ("Should you need me..." hahaha!)

Love you!