Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three for Thursday Link-Up!

Three favorite words:
1.  Discombobulate.
2.  Fantastic.
3.  Clearance.

Three things that won't be allowed in heaven:
1.  Ants.
2.  Cookies without chocolate.
3.  Laundry.

Three crafty things I do:  Honestly, I'm eager to try just about anything, but I have found that I am particularly fond of:
1.  Crochet (I love amigurumi!)
2.  Covering things with Mod Podge.
3.  Quiet/activity books for my kids (ok, that one is just a plan, but still...)

Three things I swore I would NEVER do when I became a parent, but now find myself doing:
1.  Overreacting.
2.  Not reading books to them as often as I had planned.
3.  I can't think of anything else.  I didn't really go into parenthood with a firmly set plan on things I wouldn't do.  Sorry!

Three favorite quotes: 
1.  "Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough."  Emily Dickinson
2.  "We were created with the express purpose and potential of experiencing a fullness of joy.  Our birthright--and the purpose of our great voyage on this earth--is to seek and experience eternal happiness.  One of the ways we find this is by creating things."  Dieter F. Uchtdorf
3.  "Remember who you are."  Mom

Three names I would never dream of giving my children:
1.  Mickey (that might shock some people).
2.  Buzz.
3.  Bubba.

Three things I plan to do for Memorial Day weekend:  Is that this weekend!  Yay!  That means no school on Monday!
1.  Maybe we'll have a barbecue!
2.  Maybe we'll play outside.
3.  Definitely we're eating some ice cream.

Three blogs I love to visit:
1.  Evelyn at Hanging by A Silver Lining!  (Giving the love back!)  It was always awesome that she considered me a friend when she was hanging out with my sister, but now I feel like we are friends independent of any one else.  I love that.
2.  Too many craft blogs to list....I'm addicted.  Seriously.
3.  My sister's blogs:  Writerbrained (it's a writing blog, so not much of it really applies to me, but I still love to read it.  It makes me feel closer to her.) and The Beautiful Life (I want to be like Erin in so many ways!).
4.  My sister-in-law's blog:  Lulu's Little Thoughts.

Three things that make my husband/partner the luckiest man alive:
1.  I can cook.  Really, really cook.
2.  I am funny.
3.  I make really pretty babies, and I don't complain (too much) along the way.

Three pictures:
Do you see it?  Outside the window, there is a deer grazing.  I was sitting there with O, I looked up, and saw the deer!  Whoa!  It started walking away before I got a good picture, but still...Whoa!

L and me (without makeup or nice hair, friends...I'm a brave one!) sitting at the sewing machine.  She insisted on helping.  When I pulled out the camera, she said "Cheese!" (sounds more like, "chzzzz").  I think it is safe to call that her first word beyond Mommy and Daddy.

L again and the pile of chewed up crayon I pulled out of her mouth.  Yum.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Sassy Crafter quilt

Have you ever been over to The Sassy Crafter?

She is one of my favorite craft blogs.  Recently, she asked for volunteers to test out a new baby quilt pattern she had made and I jumped at the chance!  I was beyond thrilled when I was chosen to test the pattern!  


The pattern was really quite simple and her instructions were very precise.  

I used a quilt kit I had found on clearance at Joann's and I think the colors were fantastic together.  

I'm so proud!  My first quilt actually looks like a quilt!  

I picked the borders out with the help of a very supportive employee at Joann's who encouraged me to stick with bold.  

I think they are my favorite part!

And, I used a solid hot pink for the backing which also turned out awesome!

I admit I was a little bit terrified about the binding.  But, I swallowed my fear and did it anyway.  The quilt would have looked funny without it, and it really wasn't that bad!

So, thank you so much, Mrs. Sassy Crafter!  I had a blast making this quilt!

If you want to get your own copy of the pattern, you can click on her link and leave her a message.  She's offering it for free!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

a pillow with a blanket

A while back (maybe around Christmastime...) I bought some no-sew fleece blanket sets for my girls.  

I was originally going to tie them together just like the instructions said to, but I guess that seemed too easy.  I wanted them to be something unique.  I've been holding on to them until I could think of just the right thing.

Then, a few days ago, as I was laying down to take a nap, inspiration struck!  Doesn't that always happen right before sleep?  Crazy.  

So, I got up and went to work.  

I cut a pretty good-sized chunk off the bottom of each piece of fleece and set that aside.  

Then I sewed the 2 big pieces together and cut a fringe, making a blanket. 

Then I took those two chunks and made them into this lumpy little pillow. 
Isn't it cute?

O likes it. 
It's good for sleeping...

...and waking! 

I have another blanket set that I am going to do the same thing with.  Do you want me to show you how, or is it pretty straightforward?  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Three

Three home improvement projects:  Unfortunately, since this is not a permanent residence, my home improvement projects are limited.  Here are some things on my mind, though:
1.  De-clutter and move old unused stuff out.
2.  Put pictures in cute arrangements on the walls.
3.  Make the girl's room a happier and cuter place.

Three favorite songs:  This could easily be a list of hundreds of songs.  I love music, you know.  But, I'll stick with three.
1.  Sing.
2.  I am a Child of God.
3.  Orange-Colored Sky.

Three dreadful things I’m really not looking forward to in the near future: 
1.  Going back to single motherhood when school starts again on Monday.
2.  The above-mentioned decluttering and clearing of old stuff.
3.  Laundry day.

Three most surprising things about giving birth for the first time:  I'm going to try to be positive here, but my first experience giving birth was pretty terrible.  So...
1.  It didn't start hurting until about 12 hours after my water broke.
2.  How stalwart my husband was, standing next to the bed for nearly 10 hours cradling me.
3.  I didn't know that sometimes the baby comes out facing the wrong way...and that is harder than when they face the right way.   And also, it makes their head and face look really funny.

Three easy recipes:
1.  Barbecue Ribs (Country-style ribs, BBQ sauce, crockpot, 6 or 7 hours)
2.  Spaghetti (brown hamburger, cook noodles, add sauce, mix together)
3.  Brownies (open the mix, add water (and whatever else the package says to add), stir, cook...mmmmm).

Three really totally awesome things I did today that make me a Super Mom/Super Woman:
1.  I got up without complaint.
2.  I danced in the living room for a while (with the girls).
3.  I'm planning a fun seed-planting activity later today (watch for a post!)

Three things I never leave home without:
1.  My iPod.
2.  A jacket (you never know when it will be cold!)
3.  =)

Three favorite movies pre-1970:  Oh, another list that could go on and on and on...But, check these greats out!
1.  The Philadelphia Story
2.  Some Like it Hot
3.  The Great Race
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World  (Oh, my goodness!  How did that get in there?!)

Three best skills:
1.  Cooking.
2.  Creativity.
3.  Organization.

Three awkward happenings on the honeymoon:   Honestly, I've got nothing.  We had a very un-awkward honeymoon.  Sorry, friends!

Three pictures:   We went to the zoo on Friday!

It had an aquarium with a couple of tunnels.  

My family will appreciate this one.

O is as tall as the newborn elephant!

Linking up with Hanging by a Silver Lining!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mom's cute can

My sister moved recently and left me a whole lot of food from her pantry, refrigerator, and freezer.  

When I say a whole lot of food, it's a bit of an understatement.  It took me days to add it all to my own food storage.  I still have to open my fridge and freezer with caution.  They are so full that food comes tumbling out when the door is open!  

As I was unpacking all the bags of food, I found this little tin.
It's kind of plain, but still cute.  Still, my first thought was, "Hmmm, what can I do with this?  It needs some pretty paper Mod Podged to it."  

I'm addicted to Mod Podge...I don't think that is a bad thing at all!

When I opened the tin, though, it became evident what I needed to do with it.  

This is what was inside: 
Oooooo!  She left me her secret chocolate stash!

Here's what I did with it:

I found some cute paper and pulled out my trusty Mod Podge. 
I don't know why I didn't take a picture, but first I cut a strip of paper to fit the can and stuck that on the main can.  I guess I was just too much in the Mod Podge zone to remember to take a picture.  

Next was the lid.  I cut a thin strip to go around the side and podged that on.  I cut the strip so that it was tall enough to fold down to cover a bit of the top.

Once that strip was glued on, I cut small slits along the top, making it easier to fold down and glue to the top.  

I tried to take a picture of it, but wasn't very successful.  Mostly, I just took a picture of my thumb.

So, here's what my thumb looks like.  

Once that strip was all stuck down, I put a circle of paper on top and covered it with Mod Podge.  


Finally, I pulled out my trusty Cricut and cut out some letters.

I should have used a darker paper, because these ones are hard to see. 

I even glued a strip of paper along the bottom of the can, but it didn't make much difference.

I think it is still okay, though.
Since you probably can't read it very well, it says, "Mom's cute can of nothing."  

There!  Now I have a can that is pretty to look at, but clearly has nothing in it that my kids would be interested in...


Linking up!



Hoo Are You #41

I've been wanting to join up with this little party for a while, I just haven't taken the time until now.


Here are the questions and my answers:

1.  What type of diamond cut do you like?
Honestly, I don't really know a lot about diamond cuts and the names of them.  I know that I like square diamonds and round diamonds, all diamonds.  =)  My favorite, though, is my wedding ring:
Isn't it pretty?

2.  If you are married, when is your anniversary?  If not, what month would you like to be married in?
I was married on January 12, 2007.  It was really, really cold outside when we took pictures (like 5 degrees), but I bundled up so it didn't really bother me.  And also, we found other ways to stay warm.  =)  
I do have to say that if Mister had asked me what my plan was instead of proposing earlier than I anticipated, we would have been married in May.  I always wanted a spring wedding.

3.  What were or would you like your wedding colors to be?
Chocolate brown (to match my chocolate-themed reception) and light my toe socks.  
Say hi to my oldest (as in I've known her the longest) friend!  Hi, Coralie!!!!

4.  How many bridesmaids did or would you have at your wedding?
I had big plans, but when it came to it I decided to not have any bridesmaids.  There were too many people to choose from (I have 2 sisters and 5 sisters-in-law on top of several worthy friends).  Also, I didn't have a line at my reception, so there was really no need for bridesmaids.  I did, however, dress my 3 nieces up in pretty brown dresses.

5.  How long have you been married?
We have been married now for 4 years and 4 months!  


Thursday, May 12, 2011

My how the week flew by! Three for Thursday!

Three things that come to my mind immediately.  GO!:
1.  I need some chocolate.
2.  My girls are soooooo cute!
3.  I need get working on some projects.

Three things I did instead of blogging this week:
1.  Sleep.
2.  Not dishes.
3.  Not laundry.

Three things I would like to learn how to do:
1.  Knit.
2.  Play guitar.
3.  Not be shy when I talk to people.

Three things that are pressing on my mind:
1.  How much should we get in loans this year?
2.  What is the best way to nurture and teach and play with my girls?
3.  What should I pack for lunch at the zoo tomorrow?

Three pictures:

(This was taken in the rush of the morning.  How appropriate that it is so blurry!)

Three personal pet peeves I have about blogging:
1.  That I allow it, at times, to make me feel inadequate.
2.  That I don't have enough time to do it as much as I would like.
3.  So many unwritten rules!

Three people I find intriguing:  
1.  Jeff Probst.
2.  Michelle Duggar.
3.  Santa Claus.

Three "surprises" I found this week:
1.  The mud puddle in our driveway is good breeding ground for frogs!  It is filled with eggs.
2.  How much sleep I really needed.  I slept for nearly 2 days straight!
3.  Groceries don't put themselves away and dishes don't clean themselves!  Dang it.

Three things I enjoyed about Mother's Day 2011: kind of got skipped over this year in all the hubbub, but...
1.  I was able to start catching up on sleep (are you noticing a pattern this week?).
2.  My dad and brother-in-law and his father stayed a little longer to rest before they left and we watched a movie together.
3.  My sister-in-law and mother-in-law gave me a whole lot of goooooooood chocolate.

Three things I just can't resist:
1.  Golden Graham S'mores.
2.  Good bread.
3.  A song that needs to be sung and/or danced to.

Thanks, Evelyn!  I don't have any suggestions off the top of my head, but I'll try to think of some and let you know!  

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Symfully Sweet: What to do with a Peep

My friend Sami has a monthly contest that I have been dying to join up with!  She picks a candy for the month and then tells us to go crazy with our creativity.  You know, let the juices flow...Come up with some kind of project or activity or something that incorporates that month's candy.

This month, she chose....

Ugh.  Peeps.  I don't like Peeps.  Sure they're cute and lovable and my sisters love them!  But, I'm not a fan.  So, this was definitely a challenge.

I thought and thought, and I even came up with some really cute ideas.  But, those ideas either required time I didn't have last month or they would have ended up with Peeps that needed to be eaten.  I just couldn't bring myself to that.  What could I do with Peeps that would put them in a situation where I would still eat them?  Then it came to me.

Here they are...unaware of what lies in their future:

 I dumped them in a pot with half a stick of butter.

I also added some strawberry marshmallows with them, because I needed more.

I turned on the heat and reduced them to a more basic form.   
 It wasn't pretty to watch.  

And the color was kind of a gross pucey color.

Have you caught on to where I'm going with this yet? 

The next step:  I added Rice Krispies and stirred it all together.   

 And of course, at the very end I added chocolate chunks (like the chips only chunks!).  

 Spread them out in a pan...
 ...and no one will ever know these used to be those yucky little Peeps!  

Even I liked 'em!

*Disclaimer:  After reading Sami's post, I almost decided to not post mine since we did pretty much the exact same thing.  How embarrassing!  But then I started thinking about it.  I believe this is a case of great minds think alike, since I did this well before I knew that she did it too.  So, I'm posting it because I really want to join in and to support Sami.  Also, Peeps turned Rice Krispie treats are awesome.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm a sucker for a good meme: Three for Thursday

Yeah, I know that technically it is not Thursday anymore, but I'm doing it anyway!  Check out Hanging By a Silver Lining for the original!

Three things I do after the the kids are in bed:
1.  Work...mindlessly type for 4 hours straight.
2.  On Monday nights, work on a project while enjoying a TV show that is not on the Disney channel.
3.  Read.

Three people I kind of want to be, but not really:
1.  A dancer in a Broadway show.
2.  Me in the future when I have figured everything out and I'm completely comfortable with myself.
3.  Kate Middleton (I totally stole that one from Evelyn, but it's still true).

Three objects I would never buy used:
1.  A swimming suit.
2.  Ped-Egg.
3.  Socks (it seems I have a foot thing).

Three things I didn't do today:
1.  Dishes (at my house).
2.  Put my groceries away.
3.  Exercise or diet.

Three books I would like to read:
1.  Harry Potter again.
2.  The Songwriter.
3.  The Remarkable Soul of a Woman.

Three things that have been ruined for me thanks to stomach flu and/or morning sickness:
1.  Frosted Mini Wheats.
2.  Lunchables.
3.  My 10-year no throwing up streak.

Three things I appreciate about my marriage:
1.  We are still learning and we are both okay with that.
2.  He makes me laugh and he gets my jokes.
3.  No one else can give a hug like my Mister.

Three things within a two-foot reach of me:
1.  A pillow.
2.  An exercise ball.
3.  Mickey Mouse.

Three pictures:
 This was completely spontaneous!  She hugged me right as I clicked the picture.

Adventures in egg-dyeing.   

Chubby Bunny.

Three plans for the near future:
1.  Pick up my parents at the airport.
2.  Go to the Mister's graduation.
3.  Say goodbye to my sister and her family.

Three final thoughts:
1.  I like my toenails painted brown.
2.  I miss blogging.
3.  I'm going to bed.