Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three for Thursday Link-Up!

Three favorite words:
1.  Discombobulate.
2.  Fantastic.
3.  Clearance.

Three things that won't be allowed in heaven:
1.  Ants.
2.  Cookies without chocolate.
3.  Laundry.

Three crafty things I do:  Honestly, I'm eager to try just about anything, but I have found that I am particularly fond of:
1.  Crochet (I love amigurumi!)
2.  Covering things with Mod Podge.
3.  Quiet/activity books for my kids (ok, that one is just a plan, but still...)

Three things I swore I would NEVER do when I became a parent, but now find myself doing:
1.  Overreacting.
2.  Not reading books to them as often as I had planned.
3.  I can't think of anything else.  I didn't really go into parenthood with a firmly set plan on things I wouldn't do.  Sorry!

Three favorite quotes: 
1.  "Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough."  Emily Dickinson
2.  "We were created with the express purpose and potential of experiencing a fullness of joy.  Our birthright--and the purpose of our great voyage on this earth--is to seek and experience eternal happiness.  One of the ways we find this is by creating things."  Dieter F. Uchtdorf
3.  "Remember who you are."  Mom

Three names I would never dream of giving my children:
1.  Mickey (that might shock some people).
2.  Buzz.
3.  Bubba.

Three things I plan to do for Memorial Day weekend:  Is that this weekend!  Yay!  That means no school on Monday!
1.  Maybe we'll have a barbecue!
2.  Maybe we'll play outside.
3.  Definitely we're eating some ice cream.

Three blogs I love to visit:
1.  Evelyn at Hanging by A Silver Lining!  (Giving the love back!)  It was always awesome that she considered me a friend when she was hanging out with my sister, but now I feel like we are friends independent of any one else.  I love that.
2.  Too many craft blogs to list....I'm addicted.  Seriously.
3.  My sister's blogs:  Writerbrained (it's a writing blog, so not much of it really applies to me, but I still love to read it.  It makes me feel closer to her.) and The Beautiful Life (I want to be like Erin in so many ways!).
4.  My sister-in-law's blog:  Lulu's Little Thoughts.

Three things that make my husband/partner the luckiest man alive:
1.  I can cook.  Really, really cook.
2.  I am funny.
3.  I make really pretty babies, and I don't complain (too much) along the way.

Three pictures:
Do you see it?  Outside the window, there is a deer grazing.  I was sitting there with O, I looked up, and saw the deer!  Whoa!  It started walking away before I got a good picture, but still...Whoa!

L and me (without makeup or nice hair, friends...I'm a brave one!) sitting at the sewing machine.  She insisted on helping.  When I pulled out the camera, she said "Cheese!" (sounds more like, "chzzzz").  I think it is safe to call that her first word beyond Mommy and Daddy.

L again and the pile of chewed up crayon I pulled out of her mouth.  Yum.


Jeigh said...

Clearance. A truly beautiful word. And "chzzzz", especially coming out of Lily's mouth. Love you!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Discumbobulate (sp?) is one of my favorites too.

I like your sisters' blogs too. I really love all you Hardy women! You are all amazing to me!

And I too love that we are friends separately. BTW, I considered you my friend independent of Jeigh when we were all in the same ward. :)

I wouldn't have seen the deer unless you pointed it out. Cool!

I always love seeing the world through your eyes. You have a beautiful and unique way of looking at things.

Erin said...

hey! that's The Blessed Life, a-thankyaverymuch, and I want to be like you in so many ways, too! You're an inspiration to me! Love you!