Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Three

Three home improvement projects:  Unfortunately, since this is not a permanent residence, my home improvement projects are limited.  Here are some things on my mind, though:
1.  De-clutter and move old unused stuff out.
2.  Put pictures in cute arrangements on the walls.
3.  Make the girl's room a happier and cuter place.

Three favorite songs:  This could easily be a list of hundreds of songs.  I love music, you know.  But, I'll stick with three.
1.  Sing.
2.  I am a Child of God.
3.  Orange-Colored Sky.

Three dreadful things I’m really not looking forward to in the near future: 
1.  Going back to single motherhood when school starts again on Monday.
2.  The above-mentioned decluttering and clearing of old stuff.
3.  Laundry day.

Three most surprising things about giving birth for the first time:  I'm going to try to be positive here, but my first experience giving birth was pretty terrible.  So...
1.  It didn't start hurting until about 12 hours after my water broke.
2.  How stalwart my husband was, standing next to the bed for nearly 10 hours cradling me.
3.  I didn't know that sometimes the baby comes out facing the wrong way...and that is harder than when they face the right way.   And also, it makes their head and face look really funny.

Three easy recipes:
1.  Barbecue Ribs (Country-style ribs, BBQ sauce, crockpot, 6 or 7 hours)
2.  Spaghetti (brown hamburger, cook noodles, add sauce, mix together)
3.  Brownies (open the mix, add water (and whatever else the package says to add), stir, cook...mmmmm).

Three really totally awesome things I did today that make me a Super Mom/Super Woman:
1.  I got up without complaint.
2.  I danced in the living room for a while (with the girls).
3.  I'm planning a fun seed-planting activity later today (watch for a post!)

Three things I never leave home without:
1.  My iPod.
2.  A jacket (you never know when it will be cold!)
3.  =)

Three favorite movies pre-1970:  Oh, another list that could go on and on and on...But, check these greats out!
1.  The Philadelphia Story
2.  Some Like it Hot
3.  The Great Race
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World  (Oh, my goodness!  How did that get in there?!)

Three best skills:
1.  Cooking.
2.  Creativity.
3.  Organization.

Three awkward happenings on the honeymoon:   Honestly, I've got nothing.  We had a very un-awkward honeymoon.  Sorry, friends!

Three pictures:   We went to the zoo on Friday!

It had an aquarium with a couple of tunnels.  

My family will appreciate this one.

O is as tall as the newborn elephant!

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Luanne Hardy said...

Did that baboon hit on you? I bet it did. They all have it out for you!
Also...wait what was the other thing I wanted to say?
Oh yes, I guess I never told you that I came out butt first. Yep, folded in half. My poor mother.

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

It made me a little teary thinking about Mike cradling you while you suffered through child birth.

I knew I could count on you to come up with some great pre 1970 movies, especially non musicals one like the rest of us went with!

Love those underwater tunnels! They make me feel like a little kid again!

orange colored sky? I'm going to have to google that.

Thank you so much for joining in!!