Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Symfully Sweet: What to do with a Peep

My friend Sami has a monthly contest that I have been dying to join up with!  She picks a candy for the month and then tells us to go crazy with our creativity.  You know, let the juices flow...Come up with some kind of project or activity or something that incorporates that month's candy.

This month, she chose....

Ugh.  Peeps.  I don't like Peeps.  Sure they're cute and lovable and my sisters love them!  But, I'm not a fan.  So, this was definitely a challenge.

I thought and thought, and I even came up with some really cute ideas.  But, those ideas either required time I didn't have last month or they would have ended up with Peeps that needed to be eaten.  I just couldn't bring myself to that.  What could I do with Peeps that would put them in a situation where I would still eat them?  Then it came to me.

Here they are...unaware of what lies in their future:

 I dumped them in a pot with half a stick of butter.

I also added some strawberry marshmallows with them, because I needed more.

I turned on the heat and reduced them to a more basic form.   
 It wasn't pretty to watch.  

And the color was kind of a gross pucey color.

Have you caught on to where I'm going with this yet? 

The next step:  I added Rice Krispies and stirred it all together.   

 And of course, at the very end I added chocolate chunks (like the chips only chunks!).  

 Spread them out in a pan...
 ...and no one will ever know these used to be those yucky little Peeps!  

Even I liked 'em!

*Disclaimer:  After reading Sami's post, I almost decided to not post mine since we did pretty much the exact same thing.  How embarrassing!  But then I started thinking about it.  I believe this is a case of great minds think alike, since I did this well before I knew that she did it too.  So, I'm posting it because I really want to join in and to support Sami.  Also, Peeps turned Rice Krispie treats are awesome.


Sami said...

HAHAHA!!! That's too funny! Thanks for joining in, even if it means you may not win.
This was a tough one, for sure. I much prefer the months when I LIKE the candy I picked.
We're both geniuses!!!

Luanne Hardy said...

My mouth was watering. My diet is too strict for rice krispie peeps (instead of treats, yeah I'm awesome). Mmmm...

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

There were a couple of times where Sami and I did the same thing too. It was a little embarrassing but she takes it in stride.

Never thought to make rice krispie treats out of peeps!

Jessica G. said...

Add chocolate chunks is GENIUS!

Jessica G. said...

I probably shouldn't commenting so late...but I meant to say that adding chocolate chunks is genius. Yeah...sorry.