Friday, June 3, 2011

Three for Thursday...on Saturday. =)

Hello, friends!  I am alive, I think.  I'm in the process of getting my blogging mojo started up.  I'm making plans, I'm taking pictures, I'm thinking happy thoughts.  Stay with me, K?  I'll be back soon!!!!

Here's Thursday's three:

Three of my favorite stations:
1.  Veggie Tales.  Seriously, a nice mix of some good music with some fun kids songs thrown in...for the kids.
2.  Adele.  This is my newest favorite.  I'm loving her more and more every day!
3.  Wicked...Broadway...for when I'm cooking..and singing...and dancing.

Three lessons learned since I have graduated high school:
1.  Life very rarely ends up according to plan.
2.  Life usually ends up better than planned.
3.  I'll always belong with the friends I made in high school and I always have room for more friends.

Three people I was remembering on Memorial Day.
More than 3.  I feel bad picking just a few of them.  I was remembering a lot of ancestors and friends.

Three favorite YouTube videos:
1.  Kid History (all 4 episodes)
2.  Literal Harry Potter  
3.  Hallelujah Chorus Flash Mob (I would have joined right in with them!)

Three Bad Habits:
1.  Staying up way too late.  I know I have to get up early with the kids...Why won't I go to sleep?
2.  Looking in the mirror and focusing on every flaw to the point of over exaggerating them.
3.  Procrastinating.

Three foods I will never put in my mouth:  K--it should be known that I am a fairly picky eater.  I'll taste new things sometimes (if my husband coaxes me enough--and winks and talks sweetly), but I am by no means an adventurous eater.  The list in my head of things I won't eat just keeps getting longer.  Here's a selection:
1.  Escargot.  Snails.  Really?  Why?
2.  Coffee.  I don't like the smell.  I can't really handle caffeine anyway.  It's just not going to happen.
3.  Caviar.  Blech.

Three things that sounded like a good idea at the time.
I can't think of anything.  I'm sure I've had some good not-so-good ideas in my lifetime, but I'm struggling to remember them.

Three plans for Father's Day 2011
1.  A special breakfast.
2.  A 3-year-old, a 1-year-old, and some paint (woohoo!)
3.  A man who will hopefully feel loved.

Three things that make me a "mean" mom (aka a GOOD mom)
1.  I sit them in the corner when rules are broken.
2.  You don't get what want by throwing a tantrum.
3.  Veggies before fruit.  Fruit before dessert.

Three pictures:


Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

I also stay up too late, knowing that I have to get up in the morning with my children. I wouldn't eat snails either (yuck!), no coffee for me (of course, I'm a Mormon!)....the picture of the little foot, lovely!

Erin said...

Something that seemed like a good idea at the time? about that time you hid in the closet and scared the bajabbers out of me when I opened it and made me jump back so violently that I broke my toe? That, in retrospect, was an accident you could have avoided.
Also, I LOVE L's little chubby legs in that picture. oh, and her froggy belly. Kids at that age can't be any more delicious.
And also, I love you...even though you broke my toe.