Friday, November 11, 2011

Handprint Turkeys!

Have you visited Meet the Dubiens?  It is one of my all time favorite blogs!  I love all of her projects.  They are fun and simple and kid friendly.  AND it's packed full of fun lunch ideas.  So inspirational!

So, when she posted this tutorial for hand print turkeys, I decided it was time for me to stop admiring from afar and actually give one of these beloved projects a try.

My girls were thrilled when I pulled out the paints, construction paper, and glue!  They ran for their paintbrushes and started painting away.

They were totally mystified when I grabbed L's hand and started painting directly on it!  But that changed to fascination when I pressed her hand down on the paper.


By the time it was O's turn, she was pretty eager to have her hand painted and she didn't need any help stamping it on the paper.

Here are the final results:
O, very careful and clean and precise.

L, a little more "creative liberties" taken here, but beautiful just the same!

Be sure to check out the original tutorial and enjoy spending some time browsing her fantastic blog!

By the way!  It is 1:11 on 11/11/11...Make a wish!

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