Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am Grateful for O

She is my firstborn.

She is beautiful in body and spirit.  

I don't believe I have ever known such a sweet and tender person.  She is friendly.  She is loving.  Every person she sees, especially other little girls, are automatically, without hesitation, considered friends.

She is like me:  Emotional, meticulous, a rule-follower, organized, a planner.  

She is not like me:  Her hair is blonde!

I love her so.  I love talking with here and hearing the thoughts running through her busy mind.  I love that several times a day she will call out to me, "Mommy!  I love you!"

I am so blessed.

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Luanne Hardy said...

I love O too! She and I have been great friend for a really long time.