Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 for Thursday!!!

Whoa!  I almost didn't make it!  Let's go!

Three things that is stole borrowed from my kids' Halloween stash.
1.  All the Baby Ruth mini bars.
2.  A caramel apple.
3.  Smarties.

Three things I buy that have to be name brand.
1.  Dawn dish soap.  Nothing works better.
2.  Chewy Chips Ahoy.
3.  Edy's Rocky Road ice cream.  It is the only one left with real marshmallows.

Three things I spend more than 15 minutes doing every day.
1.  Pinterest.
2.  Sleep during Sesame Street (late nights, early mornings = Mommy has earned a daily nap.)
3.  Try so hard to keep up with bloggy friends and e-mails. 

Three things that put me in a fantastic mood.
1.  Belting out a good song.
2.  Talking on the phone with my mom or sisters.
3.  A good hug and/or kiss from the Mister.
Three things I do that a grown woman has no right to be doing anymore.
1.  Use any excuse I can to put glitter on my face.
2.  Watch only the Disney channel.  (Ok, I branch out sometimes, but rarely.  The TV is only on when the kids are awake.)
3.  Freak out (just a little) when I go to the basement at night to change the laundry.

Three pictures:
I just recently uploaded a bunch of photos from my iPod.  These are all from my trip home this summer.

Me and one of my sweet nieces.

Maybe I should have listed this under one of the things a grown woman has no right doing.
This is one of about 5 pictures of me and my sister, Erin.

Ok, perhaps I'm brown-nosing name-dropping a little here, but...
I got to visit with Evelyn when we went home.  This is in my mom's backyard and that boy that L is lovingly gazing at is Evelyn's son, Dee.  I thought she should see that.  =)

There!  Now, to join in the fun, head over to Evelyn's blog, Hanging By a Silver Lining!


Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

I am so glad you shared that last picture! I wish I had thought to bring my camera too. That was so much fun! Maybe one day we will all return to "hometown" and our kids will go to highschool together. It could happen...

I just can't seem to understand Pinterest. Maybe you'll have to show me sometime. Are you coming home for the holidays?

It makes me so sad to think about you being out there all alone now. :( Not too much longer.

Erin said...

ha ha ha! i love those pictures of us! They make me laugh every.single.stinkin'. time! I love that you posted that! And I love you too!

Luanne Hardy said...

I still freak out when I go to the basement too. I'm really afraid of the dark. Also, I love those pictures.

Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

Hi there! I found you over at Tales of a Trophy Wife... I love your blog! I'm a new follower...