Monday, November 21, 2011

Slow Down!

Goodness sake!  The holidays are upon us.

I always plan on being more organized this year...More on top of things...ahead of the game.

I love to decorate.  I love holiday projects.  I love making presents and giving presents.  I love everything about the holidays.  I love the busy time...the barely managed chaos, especially when it all comes together and balances out and everyone is happy because of the work I've done.

This year is no different.  But, I have found these past couple of weeks that I am having a hard time coping with the stress of it all.  And, I have found that I am worrying myself too much about things that aren't as important as other things.

Things like my blog.

Not that I don't love my blog, because I really, really do.  And, I really love my group of followers and friends who have been so kind with comments and friendship.

But, with taking care of my home and kids, work, church responsibilities, and my husband about to dive in head first to finals, it has just become too overwhelming to keep up with all of my posting.

I've been doing projects and planning posts, but I have had a hard time finding quality time for my computer.

The time will come back.  I'm sure it will.  And, I will pop in here and there.  I've got a few guest posts set up and some awesome blogs.  I've got things to tell you about.  All those projects and ideas and fun things waiting for their time to shine!

Guys, I have even been given some blog awards (which I am so thrilled about)!  I have to give my speeches for those and pass them on!

I was planning on taking some time off for the holidays anyway.  It's just become necessary a little sooner than expected.

So, Happy Holidays.  Enjoy them!  Have fun with your families.  Find time to give and love and feel loved.  I'll see you soon!

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