Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcome Home

I have this big black filing cabinet sitting right near the entry to my home.  Because of its location, it has a tendency to get very, very cluttered with all the things we drop as we walk in the door.

I hate that!

So, I cleaned it off.
I wish I had gotten a before picture, but that might have been embarrassing.  =)

Now, it looked a little too empty and I had a great excuse to start a new project!


I pulled out this framed picture that I found at a dollar store some time long ago.

I pulled out the picture...ripped it off actually.  It was in there pretty tight and I lost the frame in the process of removing the picture. 

That's ok, though.  Because of the way it was put together, the frame wouldn't have worked anyway.  So, I salvaged the glass and the board from the back. 

The rest...well, it gave its life for the cause and I see that as heroic. 

Moving on. 

I pulled out my Cricut and cut out some happy words.

I wanted something that would be welcoming as the first thing we saw coming in the door and also reassuring and uplifting as it reminded us what being home means. 

I laid my words out on the glass in order to see how it worked.
This was my second or third arrangement.  It worked the best.

So I stuck them on permanently.

Next, I got a piece of blue scrapbook paper and Mod Podged it to the back of the glass. 

Doesn't that look better?  


Luanne Hardy said...

Oh I love it.

Jeigh said...

Ah, those unsung heroes :)

Rita Peck said...

great idea. i have a few frames I could do this with...hmmm

Suzi Hardy said...

I must get crack'n with my own projects. You make me wish I was indepentently time wealthy.

Sami said...

Love it! I need to do something like that to some of the flat surfaces in my home, so they might lose some of their magnetic attraction to clutter...:)