Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Garden and a visitor

I love Spring.  

I love when the cold weather just can't stick around because Spring is pushing its way in.  No more freezing nights, please.  

I love watching the little flowers pushing their way out of the ground and the buds sprouting on the trees.

It's such a nice time of year.

I love that it is warm enough to go outside and play without bundling ourselves up in millions of layers. 

I love Spring.

Spring came with a bit of a vengeance this year.  One morning we woke up and it was suddenly too warm to have our heaters on!  We had a few weeks where it was close to 80 degrees every day!  It was fantastic! (Of course, now that I say that, it hasn't gotten near that warm in the 2 weeks since.  Winter puts up it's own little fight.)

I watched the 2 little tulips and 2 daffodils I have in my garden start to grow and I also watched the weeds come out of nowhere!  I was super excited to plant my garden.

Now, when I talk about my garden, let's be clear that it's not much.
See.  It's basically just a strip of dirt in front of my house.  I couldn't stand to leave it just dirt, so I try to prettify it up every year.

So, I took my shovel to those weeds and tried to clear out some room for my tulips and daffodils and for whatever other flowers or plants I may choose to plant.

I ignored a lot of the debris and stuff.  That was too much work for me.  But I did try to break up the big, hard dirt clods.  One of them gave me a bit of a start.
Do you see it?  It's pretty well uncovered in this picture, but when I hit it with my little shovel it honestly looked like a clump of mud.

Here's a closer picture.  
Little Toad didn't like being shoveled much, but he was very patient with me.  He moved out of the way and then watched me get rid of the weeds all around him.  Because he was so nice, I decided to let him stick around and eat all the bugs.

So, here's my end result.

These are some wild onions that I found growing in the corner by the porch.  They may or may not stay.  I haven't decided yet.

These are O's pansies. 

And L's next to the tulips.
I also planted some lilies, but I don't expect them to make an appearance until summer.

And here is one of my favorite sprouts.
She can't seem to help posing when I pull out the camera!


Zoe said...

What a pretty little space- I am sure you will enjoy those flowers this spring and summer! I couldn't even see the toad in the first picture until I saw the second! Your little one is so cute!

Luanne Hardy said...

Did O pick out those Pansies? Remember how it's my favorite flower?

Erin said...

yeah for gardens! Ours is now a little strip in front of our house, too. We're making the best of it. We will probably be looking into container gardening. L is getting so big! and she's super pretty, like her mamma! Love you!

Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

The pansies are lovely, but your little sprout is the cutest:)