Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Day is It?

Do you ever just get so caught up in something that everything else kind of disappears?

Yeah, me too.  I didn't even mean to this time!  The second round for American Crafter is "House of Order" and it has got me spinning with ideas on all the order my house could be in.  I am almost done with my project now, and I'm actually feeling very satisfied by it, but it is kind of a miracle that I've gotten anything else done!

I didn't realize how distracted I have been by this project until last night when I was putting O to bed.  In an effort to stall her bedtime, she was making up things to tell me.  Then, as I was leaving the room, she said, "Mama?  Do you, can we have a date tomorrow?"

So, today, we planned a date.

While putting my things in order (not for the project, just in general...the organizing thing is kind of addicting!), I came across this little kit I bought on clearance (50 cents!) at the end of the Halloween season last year.  

So, our first order of business was to decorate. 
Sorry about the blurriness of the pictures.  She was so excited, I couldn't get her to hold still!

Here is our mantle: 

Then, we put up a "tent," 

Popped popcorn, 

And watched a movie.

It was a good time.  

I apologize if I have neglected any of you with my distraction.  If it helps, feel free to put up a tent, pop popcorn, and watch a movie while imagining I'm there with you.  I don't mind.


Christy said...

Thats so sweet. I bet they love tents! I get caugh up in my projects too and don't realize it.

Luanne Hardy said...

Those decorations are so cute! It's also so cute that O wanted to have a date with you. I love that she even knows what that means. I always get caught up in other things and kind of forget everything else; mostly work. So, I know how that feels for sure. At least you are getting caught up in something fun.