Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, my birthday was almost 2 months ago.  

Yes, I've procrastinated posting about my glorious birthday present.  

Better late than never though.

Look at what my mom got me!
Hello, Beautiful.

I'm sooooo excited!!!!

Here's her first project. 
I found a pretty flourish design, downloaded it, and cut it from some pretty purple vinyl.

It was fascinating.  (Oh wait!  That's blue vinyl!  This picture must have been from a different project.  But it still works because she does that every time I use my pretty Silhouette.)

Then I put it on her. 
I think she needs a name.  Any ideas?


Erin said...

I think you should name her Reva, because then, in a small way, it would be like I was always there crafting with you!

Luanne Hardy said...

You should name her "Pretty." Then, you should put in her in a box and send her my way! I'll be waiting.

Jeigh said...

I think you should call her Lolly. Just because.