Friday, October 14, 2011

Command Center and Rewards System

Alrighty!  Round 2 of voting is up at American Crafters.  I would so appreciate it if you would go vote!  Maybe I can make it to another round?

Honestly, I'm quite happy to be done with this project.  I would have liked to do something a little more elaborate and super organized, but we rent and are in school, so I am kind of limited with resources and space.  I'm not limited in ideas for organization, though.  I found it a little frustrating coming up with something I was satisfied with.  

Still, here's what I did.  

First of all, my desk was in desperate need of some organization.

I know!  You can scroll down quickly if you want so you don't have to look at that!

It sits right inside our front door and has become a drop point for the mail and whatever else we don't want to put away (like the girl's shoes).  I have to clean it off on a daily basis because this is also where I work in the evenings.

So, first I took the opportunity to go to the discount store to see what kind of organization inspiration I could find.  Here's what I came back with:

And here's what I did with it.

First, I cleaned everything off the desk, cleaned it, and took a picture before the cleaner dried. 

Then, I took the fun contact paper and covered the desktop with it. 

I didn't get it on super straight (because super straight and I are NOT friends), so I ran an Xacto knife along the edges that were hanging off and made them nice and clean. 

Oooh pretty!  (That paper chain, by the way, is from a date night with my husband; each chain has written on it a reason he loves me.)

Next, I pulled out some cork board tiles I had on hand and nailed them to the desk. 
Yup, I just nailed them right on there (which bent a lot of my nails because that is one hard desktop!)

I also put a basket underneath to hold my new inbox/bills to be paid box.

This is where we put the mail now. 

I traced the frame in the center of the cork and then cut that space out, like so: 

I put some pretty paper in the frame and then glued the frame into it's customized space. 
It's my new dry erase board.

I spray painted those green bowls so they are now a pretty chocolate brown and they are my clutter catchers and outgoing mail "box."

And, here are my "after" pictures:

It's a much happier space now!

For the rest of my project, I'm just going to include an abridged version of the post I submitted to explain my system.

You see, in theory, I am a very organized person.  I have a book full of schedules, plans, and to do lists.  It is beautiful and works fairly well for me.  The problem is, I still have a hard time finding motivation to complete my chores.  

In the center of the cork board, I glued a dry erase board for my Weekly To Do list and beside that is pinned my Daily To Do list and Bonus chores (these are chores that I typically have a harder time doing).

Now, my thinking is that if we motivate kids to do their chores by giving them rewards or special privileges, why shouldn't I reward myself for doing my chores?  And, what is the best reward for myself (aside from a clean house)?  Projects.
So, I now have a shelf in my craft room devoted to my weekly projects.  Each container or basket holds the supplies needed to complete a project.  Once my chores are all checked off for the day, I now have a project waiting for me.  The red basket holds a special weekly reward (such as a good book or fuzzy socks, maybe some occasional chocolate) if I finish my bonus chores.  Now, I have something to look forward to and I may even enjoy the housework more!

There you go!  Now, please go vote!  Thank you so much for your support!


Jeigh said...

I was going to ask about the chain :)

Love the contact paper. Love the cork board+dry erase frame cutout. LOVE the reward system.

Love you.

You clever thing, you.

Kristi said...

Sarah, you are so creative! I love it.

Luanne Hardy said...

Your creativity goes way beyond anything I could ever think of. I can't believe the difference you made with your desk. I also love the rewards system. You are just so awesome! (Imagine that last sentence with my getting louder then yelling "Awesome.")

Mrs. Sassy Crafter (Fabi) said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it....

Shauna said...

Wonderful idea. Love your sense of humor!

Rita Peck said...

wow I love your idea. I need you to come help me in my house. I have a small house...big family and no clue how to organize