Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why I'm awesome Wednesday

*Hi!  I'm here.  I've decided to take it easy blog-wise for the rest of the summer.  I'll post here and there, but with so much going on and a big trip home to prepare for, I'm not going to add "blog" to my list of things to stress about.  So...don't give up on me.  I'll get back into a regular groove once I'm back from my trip.  Three for Thursday will also be back in the fall...prepare yourselves!*

I can anticipate when a kid in church is going to make a break for it and try to escape.  I can catch the kid as they take their first steps to run.

I make a really good meatloaf.

I can type really fast and I can use that skill to provide for my family.

I have 11 toenails.


Erin said...

Hey! I don't know how I missed this, but I'm glad I'm seein' it now. I'm going to say this every Wednesday, but I think you're awesome in a myriad of ways that would take a long time to type out. But yes, your meatloaf is excellent, I've always been jealous not only of your typing skills, but also your ability to work at home and be a mommy, and there are several people I know off the top of my head who ask me regularly about your 11th toenail. And I can just see you catching the hapless kid mid jump out the door. There's a reason you have that calling! I love you! hurry back from your vaca so I can read more of your posts. And, I forbid you to have too much fun while you're there without me!!

Luanne Hardy said...

I second what Erin said about being awesome all the time and all that nice crap. I love that you love your 11th toenail. I remember you once saying that the only thing you are remotely sad about the 2nd coming is loosing your 11th toenail. That makes you even more awesome than I can even describe.
Also, just like Erin, (she's cool to copy), I can't wait until you get back so I can start reading your blog postings again. I love you!