Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three for Thursday

Alright!  I'm enough back in the swing of things that I am joining up with Three for Thursday again.  Evelyn is hosting this week.  And, I'm thrilled to announce that she has asked me, along with Katy over at The House of Estrogen, to co-host!  Yay!  So, watch for the prompt with me next week and play along if you are so inclined!

Three confessions:
1.  I know I need more sleep, but I can't seem to get myself to go to sleep until way too late (it's so late I can't even bring myself to write it!  I will say I haven't been going to sleep until about 2 hours after I finish working at night and I work until 11:30 almost every night).
2.  I'm addicted to the TV show Monk.  I've discovered it on Netflix and can't seem to get enough.  What am I going to watch when I've completed the whole series?
3.  I love to do Pilates...but I also love to eat cookies.  They don't seem to be working together as I would have hoped.

Three things I do to beat the heat:
1.  Turn up the AC.
2.  Stay inside during the hottest part of the day.
3.  Play outside with my girls and the hose.

Three lessons, skills, or new tricks I have learned this past month:
1.  I'm learning how to stop worrying so much about keeping my house super clean and more about keeping my kids happy and myself sane.
2.  Once again in my life, I am learning the importance and power of sincere and earnest prayer.

3.  O is teaching my how to be a princess and that if I spend a few minutes every day making myself feel like a princess it really makes a difference on the whole day.

Three things that motivate me to be a better person:
1.  My girls.
2.  My husband.
3.  The scriptures.

Three things I would do if I wasn’t “Mommy”, married, and burdened with cares:
1.  I would be in as many plays as I could manage.
2.  I would try to get a spot in a choir, maybe some type of show choir or maybe even the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  That would be amazing!
3.  Travel, travel, travel.

Three people I call first:
1.  My mom.
2.  My sisters.
3.  My husband.

Three things I changed about my parenting after testing them out on my guinea pig child (first child):
1.  Routines are important, but don't need to be absolute.  It's ok to be flexible.
2.  My multitasking skills have increased immensely.  I seem to be getting a lot more done with two than I did with one.
3.  I wasn't very uptight when I first became a mother--at least I didn't think I was--but I am much more relaxed about things now.  Not that I'm perfectly calm and collected now, but it's a skill I'm definitely developing.

Three things that make me cry:
1.  Being tired.
2.  Being angry.

3.  Being happy.  
(I cry a lot.  Can you tell?)

Three things I’m going to accomplish before the summer is over:
1.  I'm making another quiet book/activity book for my girls.  I'm starting today.
2.  I'm going home for a nice vacation.
3.  I'm going to see the last Harry Potter at least twice.

Three pictures:

Speaking of beating the heat, we have a little mat that hooks up to the hose and sprays water.  I had hooked that up for the girls to play with, but when the Mister saw it, he brought out two big sheets of plastic, put the mat at one end and rigged the other end to form a little pool.  We had a perfect slip and slide (on a tiny hill in our front yard) with a pool at the end.  All four of us played for the afternoon and had a blast!

Um, hello big blue eyes and amazing curls!  

O managed to slide into L nearly every time!  L took the fall each time and, characteristic of her, she would just get up and keep walking back up to the top of the slide.  

She's just getting so big and more and more beautiful every day.  

Head over to Hanging by a Silver Lining to link up this week!

P.S.  Have I mentioned that there are prizes involved for linking up?  Hmmm...just a thought!


Heather I. said...

I've been loving your Three for Thursdays posts and want to join in, or maybe just copy the idea :) It's fun getting to know more about you!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...gorgeous girls!

I cry a lot too. Maybe that's why we make good friends! :)

Luanne Hardy said...

I hope things are ok with you. I love you and don't have a job so you can call if you need to.

Erin said...

you're awesome, as usual. I want to play on the slip and slide with you guys. I love that last pic of O, it's very "in motion" and she looks so beautiful! (I did 3 for TH too this week, so go read my blog now!)