Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three for Thursday Link-Up!

Haha!  I Googled "3 image" because I wanted to be fancy and put a cool picture on my post.  It doesn't get much cooler than the Amigos, does it?  

Three favorite items of clothing.
1.  My red sweats.
2.  My striped sweater.
3.  My carpenter pants that I got on clearance at Old Navy.

Three things in my house that I wish were self-cleaning.
1.  The floors.
2.  The toilets.
3.  The kids.

Three favorite summertime lunches.
1.  BLTs with cheese.
2.  Macaroni salad.
3.  Ritz crackers with peanut butter and BBQ chips.
(Who am I kidding...I'll eat all of these whether it is summer or not!)

Three things that my children say that they picked up from me:
1.  You know.
2.  Delicious.
3.  Oh yeah, Oh yeah, I peed in the toilet!  (It goes with a dance.  You've gotta see it!)

Three good movie recommendations (It should be noted that I am a movie lover.  These are just a few that come to mind, but I'm filled with recommendations.  Just ask.  =))
1.  Stardust.

Three inexpensive date night ideas.
1.  Picnic in the living room (if you have the time and energy, hang Christmas lights and go "stargazing" after dinner.)
2.  Go to a park and play.
3.  Our classic is to Redbox a movie and cuddle while we watch.  

Three favorite flowers.
1.  Lilacs.
2.  Roses.
3.  Lilies.

Three places I'd like to visit.
1.  Australia.
2.  Paris.
3.  Scotland.

Three good habits that I practice.
1.  I drink a lot of water.
2.  I (try to) exercise almost daily.
3.  Starting today, I have a weekly no-housework day.

Three pictures:

O had to get an echocardiogram because the doctor heard a murmur that she hasn't heard before.  For those who are curious, her heart is normal except for a small fistula.  We are waiting for an appointment with a cardiologist to look into that more.  We are hoping that it will be something minor and not a problem.

So, we have this puddle in our driveway.  It comes and goes depending on how much rain and/or sun we are getting.  After a few weeks of nearly constant rain, it was pretty large.  One evening, after the rain, I could hear frogs croaking rather loudly outside, but I didn't think anything of it until Mister came in and said, "Our puddle is filled with frogs!"  The next day, the puddle was covered with frog eggs and a few days later packed to the brim with tadpoles.  It quickly became a source of fascination for all of us and we were feeling pretty sad for our tadpoles when it started getting hot and the puddle started to evaporate.  So, we went to a pond and brought back some water for them.  

Geese from the pond.  They are running from my kids.


Katy said...

A real frog pond in your yard? Wow, that's a hard one to top! How fun!

Jeigh said...

I also love your striped sweater. When I see you in my mind, you're wearing it.

I'm glad to see you're saving your baby frogs!

K Lind said...

I never thought of hanging Christmas lights for "star gazing!" I love it!

Luanne Hardy said...

I love that you are saving baby frogs. That's so awesome.