Friday, April 1, 2011

Cake Pops!

 I've been wanting to try cake pops for a long while and finally had an excuse to make them for a friend's birthday last week. 

They were really pretty easy to make and lots of fun.  My only problem was I ran out of dipping chocolate and I haven't had time to make more! 

Also, they aren't as pretty as Bakerella's. 
 And, I wish I had a better camera.  All in good time, though. 

They still tasted good and they still look yummy.  That's all that matters, right? 
 Oh, that and I've still got a freezer full of cake balls waiting to be dipped and popped!  I know what snack we're having for Conference!

1 comment:

Jeigh said...

Mmmmm! How exactly do you make cake balls? Are you going to do a tutorial, then?