Tuesday, March 22, 2011


St. Patrick's Day.

This was O's first year to show some understanding of leprechauns and green-wearing and rainbows and gold!

Mostly she liked the rainbows, so I ran with that.

We bought some fruity cereal just for the occasion. 

First we sorted it into colors.

Eating some along the way, of course.

Next we took sheets of white craft foam and some glue and stuck our cereal on in a rainbow shape. 

Here is hers.
 And, here is mine.
I like her's best.

We left our rainbows on the mantle so that the leprechauns would have a place to leave their gold.  I thought we were being pretty clever. 

They were on to us, though, and didn't leave the whole pot of gold.  Just 3 gold-covered peanut butter cups.  I can handle that.

The leprechauns were going to cause a little bit more mischief, but, unfortunately, our house got sick that day.  So, after turning our milk and pancakes green, they took off.   I can't blame them.

Next year, we'll make our trap rainbow more enticing.


Luanne Hardy said...

How cute, what a fun idea.

The Higbees said...

How fun! St. Patrick's Day can be a lot of fun! *^^*

Lyndsey said...

Cute! I can't wait until my son is old enough to appreciate holidays. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm glad you like my quiet book. :) I've been working hard on it.

Suzi Hardy said...

I wish I had someone to make rainbows with. As I think about it though, I realize that our annual easter egg dye off is coming this weekend! I'll have to share the experience like you. I love you.