Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let's give this a try...

I haven't had much time to craft lately...


I haven't had much time for anything really except packing and cleaning and feeding little girls (and napping on occasion).  I'm ok with that.  It's the season we are in and in a month or 2 we will be settled in to a new house and a new schedule with a cute new baby to cuddle and love.  There will be lots of crafts to craft and creations to create and lives to live.

Until then, though, I'm afraid I won't have much to show you except me hidden behind a lot of boxes.

That gets boring after a while.

So, I thought I would ask if any of you would like to come guest post with me.  I can't promise a lot of exposure, though I will do all I can to promote you, but it would at least introduce you to some new people/readers/friends.  And, I would love, love, love to see what you have to share.

I have a couple of months available.  We are moving at the beginning of July and then having a baby in August (I'm thinking some time off after that might be nice). If you are interested, send me an e-mail ( or leave a comment (if you don't have your e-mail linked with your profile, please leave an e-mail address I can reach you at...unless you are family; I know where you live.)  Let me know when you think you might be available and what you are thinking you might like to share.

Ok.  Thanks!

Have a happy day!


Erin said...

me! me! I want to! *raising hand as high as possible with other hand* pick me! pick me! ooh! ooh!

Luanne Hardy said...

I do not. BUT I can't wait to see who you get to do it for you. (I would just disappoint.)