Monday, June 4, 2012

Moments for me

Doesn't it feel sometimes like life is just out to beat you up?

Yeah, me too.

Sometimes I just want to sit my life in the corner and say, "You sit there and think about what you're doing.  Come talk to me when you can be nice."  

That wouldn't work, though.  I'm afraid I am learning that life is supposed to be hard.  It's how I learn.

Dang it.

The other night, I was standing in front of the mirror talking to myself getting ready for bed and pondering over the day, when I noticed what I was doing.

I was analyzing my face and the things I was feeling about myself and telling myself weren't very positive.

"I look worn out."
"I look so tired."
"I don't think my efforts are getting me anywhere."
"I'm not that important."
"I should be doing better."

Geesh.  Hard stuff. 

And, you know what?  Most of it isn't true!

"Be Gentle With Yourself"

My mom tells me that a lot.  Slowly but surely, I'm learning what she means.

I decided to try something new...a new perspective.

"I am worn out because I'm a good mom with 2 young, beautiful, and amazing daughters."
"I am tired because I work very hard to support my fantastic husband through school while running our home and raising her kids."
"And my body is working hard to create the little body of our little boy."
"Because of my efforts, my daughters know that they are children of God and he loves them."
"Because of my efforts, my husband knows he is a son of God and he has value."
"Because of my efforts, lives and worlds are being impacted that I'm not even aware of."
"I am a good person."
"I am so important."
"I can always do better, but I am doing amazingly well."

"God loves me."

A simple change, but a strong impact. 

You should try it.  Take some time to be gentle with yourself and see what a strong and loved person you are!  Then keep on making the world a better place.

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Erin said...

this is a beautiful thought. I have spent much time in front of the mirror analyzing my flaws, too. Funny thing is, when I have honest conversations with good friends, they are shocked to hear that I think those things are flaws. It is so easy to beat ourselves up for the everyday things we see (or don't see) in ourselves. I like your approach, and I'm going to recommit to be better at being gentle with myself. If you are doing the very best you can with what God has given you, then it's enough for Him. Love you!