Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Strawberry Sprite Floats



I haven't been able to get enough of them lately.  I walk by them in the grocery store and I just can't seem to stop myself from putting them in the cart!

O loves them just as much as me (L likes them sometimes, but mostly just gives them to me...sweet girl!), so we have been having them with our meals a lot.

The other night, inspiration struck...

Let me share with you.

I took a few strawberries and coarsely chopped them up.  
I put them in a bowl and sprinkled a little bit of sugar on top (to bring out the juices).  Then I let them sit for about 20 minutes (to bring out the juices =)).

After dinner, I put a scoop (maybe 2) of vanilla ice cream into a cup. 
(You know where this is going, right?)

I put a generous spoonful of strawberries on top...

And then poured Sprite over the whole thing! 

Oh yeah.

It was good.

I'm linking this up with some of my favorites!


Luanne Hardy said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I'm buying strawberries my next grocery trip.

April'l'Mo said...

Ok. .. im definitely trying this. ...