Thursday, February 24, 2011

Valentine's Day fun

Yes, I know Valentine's Day was more than a week ago.  It is still February, though, so at least I'm close, right?

I have always been a fan of Valentine's Day.  Even when I had no Valentine.  I like the idea of a special day to tell the people you love that you love them.  Of course, it is made better when you spend every day loving them, but...I digress.

I was really excited to celebrate this year.  My girls are getting old enough to appreciate the things I do to set the day apart.  We had a lot of fun loving each other.

Here's what I learned:

Sunglasses, while cool every day, just look better on Valentine's Day.
 It is a good day to decorate with hearts.  Get some heart stickers and put them everywhere.


 Here is a fun idea.  Stick the stickers back to back with fish line in between them.  Now you have a pretty garland!
 If you have a 1-year-old that can reach the pretty garland, though, it won't stay up for very long.

Food:  It's a fun way to share love.

Pink food coloring makes pancake batter awesome.

So do chocolate chips.

And whisks on the head.

If you put food in happy heart shapes, it is more interesting to eat.

Hamburger patties, loaded with cheese, are a good choice for dinner.  They are easy to shape with a cookie cutter.

But, when you cook them, they will fall apart and instead of heart-shaped patties, you will have...
piles of meat.  
Still loaded with cheese, though.

You can fix the lack of Valentine-y-ness with a cleverly placed piece of heart-shaped cheese.
And pink mashed potatoes.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Luanne Hardy said...

That is so fun. I really like Valentine's Day decorations even though I'm not that big of a fan of the day itself. I can't wait to have kids to do stuff like this with them.

Jeigh said...

Cute! Food always tastes better shaped as a heart, it's true.

Erin said...

man! now I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of our heart shaped roasted potatoes, and our green salad with heart shaped veggie toppings! I am totally going to steal your pink pancakes for next year.