Monday, January 28, 2013

Pumpkin Coffee a mug!

I made a wonderful discovery tonight.

I was browsing around my Pinterest boards and found a pin that led me to this fantastic post at Heather Likes Food...Pumpkin Coffee 2 minutes!


I had to try it.

Ok.  So, mine isn't nearly as pretty as hers.  (Not even close.

But it was good.

Really good!

My only regret was it only filled up half of my mug (I used a big mug).  Next time, I'm doubling the recipe.

And I might add some chocolate chips.

Everything is better with chocolate.

I highly recommend this recipe.  Head on over to Heather's post, try it out, and leave a happy, grateful, and loving comment for her.

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Jessiker said...

Try cinnamon chips! They're amazing!