Friday, June 1, 2012

Pinspired Mother's Day/Grandma gifts

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What's that you say?  Mother's day was almost how long ago?  

I couldn't very well post this project before Mother's day and spoil the surprise now, could I?  

This is what we made the grandma's for Mother's day this year.  

It started out with this pin:

The pin leads to this post over at this happy blog

Hers is a card.  

We did ours on a small 8 x 11 canvas.

And we used sparkly paint.

And I painted their names and the year on their handprints after I took this picture.

And I think they're so cute!  

Thanks for the pinspiration, Nifty Mom!

Happy Mother's Day (late!)


Samantha K said...

Love your picture! Thanks for the mention!!!

Luanne Hardy said...

When I'm a mom I'm just going to copy everything you do.